Greg and Carol Lane Tresan are the lead animal wranglers and trainers for Animal Casting ~ Atlanta.  Based on their state of the art training facility in Atlanta, Greg and Carol provide animal talent and trainers for the top productions in the southeast.

We believe training animals is an art and a science. Our system blends the best of traditional methods with modern positive behavioral techniques.  

With over thirty years of dog

training experience, Greg Tresan

is a unique individual in the

world of animals and entertain-

ment. Propelled to national attention in the early 1990’s with his world class Frisbee dogs, Greg performed at numerous national sporting events and became a spokesperson for major dog food companies and a member of Team Frontline. Now Greg coordinates and trains the animal talent for major motion pictures, television and commercials.

Carol Lane was a Sport Organizer for the 
ESPN Great Outdoor Games Hot Zone and
produced Frisbee dog competitions across the country. Carol Lane was the Competition
Director for the Foxhall Cup CCI***, the National Championship of Eventing, and an Olympic qualifier. Carol Lane competes in several equestrian disciplines on a national level and provides her expertise and training philosophy to Animal Casting ~ Atlanta, coordinating and training animals of all kinds for major motion pictures, television and commercials.

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